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Our Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform provides a complete picture so you can drive digital growth and transformation.

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Make smarter digital decisions based on user experience data

By combining the quantitative and qualitative in real time, FullStory’s platform eliminates the blind spots in your data.

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Senior Manager, 
Product Research
With FullStory, we are able to walk stakeholders through the actual pain points shoppers are facing. We can demonstrate how we've quickly resolved an issue—or how we plan to improve the digital experience to add more value for our shoppers.
Yi Cao
_Yi CaoSenior Manager, 
Product Research
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Powerful results for your business

Increase revenue through better conversion

Increase revenue through better conversion

Identify revenue-impacting issues, understand how many customers are affected, and contextualize this data with real user sessions.

Improve organizational efficiency

Improve organizational efficiency

Empower engineers with the data they need to identify, troubleshoot, and remediate bugs efficiently and effectively.

Boost customer growth and retention

Boost customer growth and retention

Confidently iterate and improve your digital experiences to keep customers coming back.

Drive digital and product experience improvement at scale

FullStory serves up a superset of DX data in an accessible, easy-to-use platform. Technical and non-technical teams alike can rely on FullStory for necessary information, reducing costly back-and-forth and increasing throughput.

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Enrich your tech stack with FullStory

With an open API and a growing catalogue of integrations, FullStory communicates seamlessly with your existing tools. Deepen insights from your existing tech stack and ensure your teams have the data they need.

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Continuously optimize and drive long-term growth

Easily prioritize digital fixes, updates, and experiments. Then track and measure the business impact of those changes—all with a single platform.

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Product Manager
Since implementing FullStory on our Native Mobile apps, we have seen resolution time go from months to days to fix some of our biggest mobile issues.
Joshua Lowe
_Joshua LoweProduct Manager