Michael Morrissey

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Morrissey knows what it means to lead a fast-paced engineering team. After spending nearly a decade at pioneering startups in Silicon Valley, Michael transitioned to be a development manager with Microsoft, where he focused on advanced mobile devices. 

He then spent eight years as a Senior Director of Engineering at Google, where he was a key driver in developing, scaling, and improving the Android platform. There, he focused on initiatives ranging from wireless communications and mobile security to speech recognition and digital ecommerce.

Prior to joining FullStory, Michael was recruited by Sequoia to serve as the VP of Engineering for one of their startups. He was charged with re-architecting the service to scale 100x with viable per-unit economics, alongside staffing the San Francisco and Atlanta engineering teams. 

Now as FullStory’s CTO, Michael oversees all aspects of the incredible engineering team that builds and delivers the leading digital experience intelligence platform. On most weekends, Michael can be found rooting for his favorite sports teams and enjoying long walks in the woods with his two German shepherds, Luna and Nala.

Michael Morrissey