Meet the team.

These smiling people are from the FullStory team. We've worked together for years and have built products used by millions.

Scott Voigt

Scott markets, sells, supports, bookkeeps, washes dishes, and talks quite a bit when he drinks too much coffee (which is often). Scott does not engineer.

Bruce Johnson

Bruce is a former Google Engineering Director and led its engineering office in Atlanta for 7 years, creating Google Web Toolkit and related products that dramatically enhance productivity for web developers.

Josh Teague

Over the last decade, Josh has provided product design leadership on everything from high-end consumer appliances to web applications used by millions. Prior to FullStory, Josh was at Google where he took on a starring role as the Gmail video chat guy.

Joel Webber

Joel's a reformed game developer who spent the last seven years building developer tools and cutting edge web apps at Google.

Stephanie Brubaker

Stephanie became a software engineer because there's less competition for the ladies' room. That, plus her passion for algorithms and building slick UIs. Prior to FullStory, she worked on distributed graph theory problems at Google.

Ian Rose

Dr. Ian (not that kind of doctor) is a software engineer with a particular interest in distributed system design. He has experience in both industry and academia, and most recently worked at Google.

Jaime Yap

Jaime is a former Google Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer who spent several years contributing to Chrome/V8/Webkit, and most recently led engineering teams at Google building large scale distributed systems and shiny web UIs.

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