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If you were thinking about Hotjar, here’s why you need to take a look at FullStory:

Modern playback for the modern web.​

What good is playback if it can’t keep up with evolving web standards? FullStory perfectly captures even the gnarliest single-page apps built on any JavaScript framework. Don’t believe us? Have a look.

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Capture everything, search for anything.


No, really. Search for any-d*mn-thing.

Every click, keypress, page transition and more is automatically captured and indexed without the need for manual tagging, so you can search on anything at any time.


See what your customer saw, guaranteed.

A/B testing? Dynamic URLs? No problem. Our recordings present a 100% faithful recreation of the site as your customer experienced it. Pinky promise.


Play back every interaction in pixel-perfect detail.

FullStory playbacks are fully-working recreations of your site, code and all, so playbacks look great on any size screen and no detail is ever lost, no matter how tiny.

Set-up is a thing of beauty.

To get started, place one small snippet of code on your site. That’s it. Forever. Seriously.

  window['_fs_debug'] = false;
  window['_fs_host'] = '';
  window['_fs_org'] = 'XXXX';
  window['_fs_namespace'] = 'FS';
    if (e in m) {if(m.console && m.console.log) {m.console.log('FullStory namespace conflict. Please set window["_fs_namespace"].');} return;}

Everything about your site, automatically captured.

Your entire DOM and all assets, mutations, and customer actions are captured without the need to manually tag the actions you want to follow.

Easily protect your customers’ privacy.

Exclude sensitive customer data from ever leaving your customer’s browser by using our in-app point and click system.

Easy insights for the whole organization

Rage click

Find your frustrated users automatically.

Rage Clicks, Error Clicks and Dead Clicks magically surface your frustrated customers and broken code. Learn More


Party on with dozens of integrations.

Every department in your organization will find something to go ga-ga for in our long list of integrations. Check it out


Share because you care.

Spreading customer love throughout your company is simple with built-in session-sharing.


Squash bugs using recorded console logs.

Inspect the details behind any bug your customers encounter with FullStory’s powerful console recording.


Bonus Round: FAQs

Does FullStory slow my site down?

No way, José! Read our technical explanation why right here.

Do you work with single-page apps?

Flawlessly. Don’t believe us? Try FullStory for free and see for yourself.

Who in my company can use FullStory?

Absolutely anyone. We have baked-in features for marketers, product managers, support teams, engineers, and more.

How much does FullStory cost?

Pricing is based on your monthly number of sessions. Invite up to 20 teammates for free!

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