Product teams all over the world

are getting the FullStory.

Product teams all over the world are getting the FullStory.

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Influitive uses FullStory to better understand customer/product workflow

Influitive is on a mission to help mobilize advocates for their customers’ products and services. They provide an easy way for companies to engage their fans and champions to drive more referrals, references, case studies and more. As a Director of Product Management at Influitive, Aaron Rothschild is responsible for pulling all the right pieces together to ensure that Influitive’s software helps his clients engage their advocates and drive revenue.

Influitive’s challenge

Aaron’s team wanted to learn more about Influitive’s customers. “We already had MixPanel in place, so we could report on what our customers were doing in the product, so long as we knew they were going to do it,” Rothschild said. “We needed a complement to MixPanel that could tell us why our customers did what they were supposed to... and why they did what they were not supposed to!” Such a solution would help the product team better plan features around their customers’ habits.

A solution found in FullStory

That’s when Aaron read about FullStory on Hacker News. “We were able to install quickly and get richer insights about our customers.” Because FullStory records every detail of a user’s experience, the Influitive team “does not need to rewire the system” in order to run new analyses. “That’s huge,” said Rothschild, “With FullStory we don’t just get to answer ‘what?’ and ‘why?’, we also get to answer ‘what’s next?’” That, he said, helps Influitive build truly effective features.

With FullStory we don’t just get to answer ‘what?’ and ‘why?’, we also get to answer ‘what’s next?’

Unexpected Benefits

Besides influencing the product roadmap, Influitive also uses FullStory to improve the customer support process. “It’s like standing over a user’s shoulder asking them to recreate their steps without actually needing to spend the time, effort, and money on a system to do so,” Rothschild said. FullStory helps free up time and resources, and it encourages “friction-free” communication with customers.

From the product design to user support, FullStory can help companies optimize their customers’ experience. Give it a try and see how much your customers appreciate the difference!

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