Close all your holiday shopping tickets before New Year’s.

FullStory’s high-fidelity, DVR-like session playback shows you exactly how potential customers are browsing your site, so you can troubleshoot issues with no trouble at all.

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Crystal clarity

Session replay gives you a crystal-clear view of your customer’s struggles. It’s like watching a video, but better. You’ll never have to ask for a screenshot again.

FullStory integrates seamlessly with your support desk.

Don’t see your shopping cart software here? Contact us and we’ll help you get set up.

Co-browse with your customers

If your customer is currently online, click GO LIVE to watch and help support their experience in real time.

Going live was great. We could see exactly what our customer was doing while still being on the call with her. It was like screen sharing but without the painful set up. Chris Roy, TravelPerk

It’s easy to install FullStory on any online shopping platform.

Don’t see your shopping cart software here? Contact us and we’ll help you get set up.
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Same-day bug squashing

Fix technical issues in half the time—because now you don’t have to recreate them first. FullStory records the DOM and JavaScript console log of every session so you can see exactly what went wrong.

When we first got FullStory, we doubled our workload in the first week because we finally found all those bugs we could never reproduce. Seamus James, Betabrand

With FullStory, you’ll be able to provide customer service that moves as fast as your inventory this holiday season.