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@melanieinsbRage clicks. Best metric ever. @fullstory #ux #uxresearch28 Feb 2018 @twanlassJust had my first Aha! moment with @fullstory. Customer reports issue. Can't reproduce 😭. Jump into FullStory and w…23 Feb 2018 @laurentmtlWhat's good on @netflix? No idea. I've been binging on @fullstory and popcorn lately.06 Jan 2018 @mcintosh33After 12 years of using @googleanalytics I completely switched to @fullstory. 12 yrs with any software is an incredible run! #distruption17 Aug 2017 @zacknotesFinding @fullstory to be a really effective QA tool recently, even for code that's not live yet.24 Jul 2017 @malgon007Today I've started to use @fullstory app - and I've discovered a whole new universe!01 Jun 2017 @vbhartiaI love @fullstory! Just set it up last week and already found a ton of bugs and things to improve. Telling my friends!11 May 2017 @maggiecrowleyNew Saturday morning: ☕️ + watching the latest magic sent my way by the brilliant @fullstory18 Mar 2017 @bpdunbarFound the amazing tool called @fullstory Absolutely fantastic! I find it more valuable than Google Analytics.14 Feb 2017 @designajvirgilSome people have the TV on while they work. I have @fullstory auto-playing on a second monitor.07 Feb 2017 @ChairmanHuI watch @fullstory more than I watch TV.29 Jan 2017 @weswinhamWhat if you never again had to ask yours users to explain a problem they encountered? @fullstory feels like magic.05 Oct 2016 @johnwright79If you run a website then I highly recommend @fullstory, I signed up an hour ago and already my mind is blown. This is amazing!02 Aug 2016 @grayskyWas convinced today that if I was an investor I would give @fullstory all my money. Just saved me tons of time debugging a customer issue29 Jan 2016 @mhmazur"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - how I feel after trying @FullStory, a new UX insights tool30 Sep 2015 @katzboaz@fullstory it is not us that need to thank you. It is our customers. We are learning things that no other analytical service could provide12 Jun 2015 Seamus JamesOperating an e-commerce website without using a tool like FullStory is like running a brick-and-mortar store with the lights off.Betabrand James Doman-PipeIt's been a massive timesaver. With FullStory, we can move at 4x the speed we used to.Kayako
@mikolajdobruckiJust started using @fullstory for #ux #testing and I'm REALLY amazed by its features. Great work, guys! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼13 Mar 2018 @petezimekOur @fullstory monthly bill is almost as much as our Azure hosting bill... but it’s worth every single penny, espec…27 Feb 2018 @brennandunn.@fullstory is *such* a worthwhile investment. Being able to see where people get stuck and how our design decision…01 Feb 2018 @CallMeWuzWe use @fullstory at work and, I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. Just discovered a small error by watching a user session.06 Sep 2017 @justin_schuelerwe just integrated @fullstory at our new @teamshirts_de #wizard and it's 😵 great piece of software to get insights from our users 🔥17 Aug 2017 @miditoI love @fullstory 😍12 Jun 2017 Sebastian TonkinFullStory helps us uncover the truth behind the assumptions we're forced to make with analytics.Zenefits @GAchenbach@fullstory is a must have for product teams. 2 years into using it and I'm still amazed at the instant insights it can deliver.12 Apr 2017 @ShpigfordOne of the most transformative tools we’ve been using lately at @baremetrics is @fullstory. Amazing to have that data so readily available.03 Mar 2017 @andrewchildsActual wizards may have been responsible for creating @fullstory, because it is magic.07 Feb 2017 @LukePeerFlyI've been testing out @FullStory with their free trial and it is absolutely amazing application. One of the best user experiences I've had.30 Jan 2017 Chris Savage, CEOFullStory is magic. It gives us a level of insight that we can't get anywhere else. It's absolutely invaluable.Wistia @jlaurenswanson@fullstory I can't remember the last time I enjoyed using a software tool this much!04 Aug 2016 @jlvanhulstHumbled by what @fullstory reveals about website visitors. For e-Commerce sites I can see now it's a must have. #surprise03 Mar 2016 @KevinMandevilleI can't reiterate how valuable @fullstory is for *every* area of co - support, product, eng - amazing to see everyone use in diff ways20 Oct 2015 @nainig@fullstory Your instant feedback just shortened my iterations by weeks! Where have you been all my product building life!! :)31 Jul 2015 Jeremy LavittFullStory pays for itself in spades. Every answer we get on what's happening with the checkout funnel is real money.B&H Photo Video Emeric ErnoultIf you're serious about providing top notch support and user experience, FullStory is a must have. It's the kind of tool you don't know you need until you experience it for the first time and think "Oh shit! I had no idea we had that problem."Agorapulse

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