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@DrewDAgostino@fullstory your product continues to impress! Keep up the outstanding work.06 Feb 2019 @dsabarAnd done! @FullStory is now integrated with @HRPartner in record time to install, test and deploy! Plenty of time t…05 Feb 2019 @mikolajdobruckiJust started using @fullstory for #ux #testing and I'm REALLY amazed by its features. Great work, guys! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼13 Mar 2018 @petezimekOur @fullstory monthly bill is almost as much as our Azure hosting bill... but it’s worth every single penny, espec…27 Feb 2018 @brennandunn.@fullstory is *such* a worthwhile investment. Being able to see where people get stuck and how our design decision…01 Feb 2018 @laurentmtlWhat's good on @netflix? No idea. I've been binging on @fullstory and popcorn lately.06 Jan 2018 @CallMeWuzWe use @fullstory at work and, I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. Just discovered a small error by watching a user session.06 Sep 2017 @justin_schuelerwe just integrated @fullstory at our new @teamshirts_de #wizard and it's 😵 great piece of software to get insights from our users 🔥17 Aug 2017 @miditoI love @fullstory 😍12 Jun 2017 @vbhartiaI love @fullstory! Just set it up last week and already found a ton of bugs and things to improve. Telling my friends!11 May 2017 @maggiecrowleyNew Saturday morning: ☕️ + watching the latest magic sent my way by the brilliant @fullstory18 Mar 2017 @bpdunbarFound the amazing tool called @fullstory Absolutely fantastic! I find it more valuable than Google Analytics.14 Feb 2017 @designajvirgilSome people have the TV on while they work. I have @fullstory auto-playing on a second monitor.07 Feb 2017 @ChairmanHuI watch @fullstory more than I watch TV.29 Jan 2017 Jeremy LavittFullStory pays for itself in spades. Every answer we get on what's happening with the checkout funnel is real money.B&H Photo Video @johnwright79If you run a website then I highly recommend @fullstory, I signed up an hour ago and already my mind is blown. This is amazing!02 Aug 2016 @jlvanhulstHumbled by what @fullstory reveals about website visitors. For e-Commerce sites I can see now it's a must have. #surprise03 Mar 2016 @KevinMandevilleI can't reiterate how valuable @fullstory is for *every* area of co - support, product, eng - amazing to see everyone use in diff ways20 Oct 2015 Emeric ErnoultIf you're serious about providing top notch support and user experience, FullStory is a must have. It's the kind of tool you don't know you need until you experience it for the first time and think "Oh shit! I had no idea we had that problem."Agorapulse James Doman-PipeIt's been a massive timesaver. With FullStory, we can move at 4x the speed we used to.Kayako Katya Barsuk, Head of Support at PandaDocOur support team has found FullStory to be invaluable. Knowing the exact nature of the issue that customers experienced without having to bombard them with questions makes resolutions so much faster and more pleasant for everyone. Brit Tucker, Director of Product Management, BeautycounterConversions makes it easier to distill user behavior insights and uncover the needle in the haystack we couldn’t always find!Beautycounter
@katgleason@fullstory You’ve enabled our (non technical) sales team to feel more engaged in our product development cycle. Thi…08 Feb 2019 @jjord1973real talk - if you're not using @fullstory you should be05 Feb 2019 @mauerbacI think it's fair to say @fullstory could be the single most important tool for building a startup28 Jan 2019 @melanieinsbRage clicks. Best metric ever. @fullstory #ux #uxresearch28 Feb 2018 @twanlassJust had my first Aha! moment with @fullstory. Customer reports issue. Can't reproduce 😭. Jump into FullStory and w…23 Feb 2018 Sebastian TonkinFullStory helps us uncover the truth behind the assumptions we're forced to make with analytics.Zenefits Chris Savage, CEOFullStory is magic. It gives us a level of insight that we can't get anywhere else. It's absolutely invaluable.Wistia @mcintosh33After 12 years of using @googleanalytics I completely switched to @fullstory. 12 yrs with any software is an incredible run! #distruption17 Aug 2017 @zacknotesFinding @fullstory to be a really effective QA tool recently, even for code that's not live yet.24 Jul 2017 @malgon007Today I've started to use @fullstory app - and I've discovered a whole new universe!01 Jun 2017 @GAchenbach@fullstory is a must have for product teams. 2 years into using it and I'm still amazed at the instant insights it can deliver.12 Apr 2017 @ShpigfordOne of the most transformative tools we’ve been using lately at @baremetrics is @fullstory. Amazing to have that data so readily available.03 Mar 2017 @andrewchildsActual wizards may have been responsible for creating @fullstory, because it is magic.07 Feb 2017 @LukeKlingI've been testing out @FullStory with their free trial and it is absolutely amazing application. One of the best user experiences I've had.30 Jan 2017 @weswinhamWhat if you never again had to ask yours users to explain a problem they encountered? @fullstory feels like magic.05 Oct 2016 @jlaurenswanson@fullstory I can't remember the last time I enjoyed using a software tool this much!04 Aug 2016 Seamus JamesOperating an e-commerce website without using a tool like FullStory is like running a brick-and-mortar store with the lights off.Betabrand @grayskyWas convinced today that if I was an investor I would give @fullstory all my money. Just saved me tons of time debugging a customer issue29 Jan 2016 @mhmazur"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - how I feel after trying @FullStory, a new UX insights tool30 Sep 2015 @nainig@fullstory Your instant feedback just shortened my iterations by weeks! Where have you been all my product building life!! :)31 Jul 2015 @katzboaz@fullstory it is not us that need to thank you. It is our customers. We are learning things that no other analytical service could provide12 Jun 2015 Dmitry Volokh Developer, PandaDocThe FullStory + Sentry integration has significantly sped up bug investigation —at times by a factor of 10.Pandadoc

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