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In 2012, a group of ex-Google engineers wondered:

If Google can make it easy for people to find the information they need on the web…


…why can’t we do the same for your online customer experience?

The answer: We can. So we built FullStory.

Search your customer experience like you search the web.

Every click, keypress, page transition and more - automatically indexed and instantly accessible to any team with a stake in your customer’s online experience.


See your site through your users' eyes.

FullStory’s pixel-perfect session playback isn’t video: it’s a fully-inspectable recreation of your site, including the DOM, JS console, and assets.


A manageable balance of individual & aggregate data.

Move fluidly between big picture analytics and the individuals who comprise it thanks to Searchies (our search-sensitive charts and graphs) and Page Insights (our smart reports based on the state of the page).


Value for every department.

From marketing to engineering, support to analytics, our customers see returns across every team.

One shared source of truth

Built to exceed Enterprise standards.

Will FullStory slow my site down?

Short answer: no.

Want the long answer? Check out our doc on performance.

What about user privacy?

With point-and-click tools, FullStory makes it easy to keep sensitive info with the user. Moreover, because we believe your users deserve a better online experience, we enforce a strict Acceptable Use Policy.

What makes FullStory different?

No other analytics tool extends the power of pixel-perfect session replay with search, ensuring you watch only the sessions that matter. With FullStory, get past “insights” and go straight to answers. It’s magic.

Session replay tools are complex. Understand the key differentiators in our Guide to Session Replay.

Yes, we can handle ____ million sessions.

FullStory was architected with today’s cloud technology to horizontally scale with your volume – no provisioning required. We’ll take care of operations while you take care of your customer experience.

As it turns out,
people love FullStory.

But we’re not ones to brag. Instead, we like to let our customers do the talking.

Understand your users like never before—get started with FullStory!

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