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Screenshot of Fullstory segments looking at rage clicks, allowing users to predict customer behavior.
Blog Post

The complete guide to data segmentation

Data segmentation organizes big data into targeted groups. This guide explains its benefits and implementation for improved marketing and insights.

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Customer Story

$1B beauty brand, Younique, revolutionizes digital product management with Fullstory

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FullStory Culture Blog

Fullstory goes remote

We believe FullStorians should have the ability to work from any place they thrive—whether that's at home, at the office, or a combination of the two.

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FullStory Engineering Blog

Harmonizing the build with Bazel: Part 2

Build architecture challenges we face at Fullstory as we grow and how Bazel helps us solve them, part two.

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On-Demand Webinar

Consumer trends to know to nail the digital experience in 2023

Experts share how to maximize the value of DX data to optimize online experiences and improve retention.

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The DXI prep guide for the 2022 holiday season

Use this guide to ensure your ecomm site is ready for the most wonderful—and busiest—time of the year.

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Spark 2022: The first DXI conference

A look back at some of the highlights from Spark 2022 in Atlanta.

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The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Fullstory

The Total Economic Impact of Fullstory's Digital Experience Analytics Platform

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Blog Post

From Data to Insights: A Non-Technical Intro to Data Discovery

Discover how data discovery transforms raw data into actionable insights for informed decisions, improved strategies, and better customer experiences.

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