3 parables for perfect SaaS product management

3 parables for perfect SaaS product management

This short collection of stories provides insights and actions to improve your SaaS product management.

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What can elephants, milkshakes, and 4,000 fighter pilots teach us about SaaS product management?

When it comes to today’s digital tools and products, the always-online—and always-working—customer expects nothing less than perfection. What’s more, they expect it delivered at broadband speeds whenever and wherever
they want.

As a SaaS product manager charged with creating products that exceed your customer’s expectations, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

In this short collection of stories, you’ll find insights and immediate applications to improve your product management process, including:

  • A framework for turning customer problems into product solutions

  • Why product teams are blind to the limitations of cross-team communication

  • How quantitative analysis can result in the “flaw of averages”

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