Game Film with FullStory

Gamefilm kit

What's Game Film?

Once or twice each month, pop a bag of popcorn and gather your web team ‘round the big screen to watch a dozen FullStory sessions. In doing so, you’ll force yourselves to experience your product exactly how your customers did. You’ll cringe at the errors, yes. But you’ll also celebrate the successes! (If not, at least you’ll have popcorn to comfort you.)

Although Game Film isn’t always pleasant, it is always illuminating. Bugs, usability hiccups, and slowness are all too apparent. But the next time a customer submits a support ticket, chances are good you’ll already know about the problem. Even better, you’ll have a fix in the works. We guarantee your newfound user empathy will drive your product development in an all-new, tangible way.

How does Game Film work?

Choose a segment, activate auto-play with FullStory TV, then keep score with simple, fun metrics. If anybody on your team visibly winces while watching a customer interaction, record it as 1 wince. And in moments of user/product harmony, be sure to note the win. Use the included scorecards to track:

  1. The total number of sessions you review.
  2. The total number of involuntary winces triggered amongst your team.
  3. The total number of wins.
  4. Finally, compute the averages: winces/session and wins/session.

Using these metrics, create concrete goals of reducing winces and increasing wins. It feels fantastic to reduce winces per session from 2.0 to 0.8, and your users will thank you. Go ahead, make reasons for clapping and high-fives.

How do I choose which sessions to watch?

Have you released a new product feature lately? Dramatically changed a page or workflow? These are particularly salient segments to Game Film, but if you haven’t had a major event in a while, don’t worry: the Everyone segment (your default view in FullStory) is always an insightful place to start.

Okay, how can I get started?

  1. Sign up for a free trial of FullStory if you aren’t already a customer.
  2. Pop popcorn. 😉 🍿
  3. Game Film!