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user behavior analytics concept illustration clicking onto a mobile phone
Blog Post

User behavior analytics (UBA): Security and product insights

Enhance security and user experiences with user behavior analytics. Discover its applications in threat detection and product behavior analysis.

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Behavioral Data Maturity Matrix

The Behavioral Data Maturity Matrix is designed to help you harness the power of behavioral data.

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Deep Dive

The essentials of data protection: Principles, strategies & policies

Protecting your data is crucial. This article covers key strategies: having a cybersecurity team, classifying data by risk, limiting access, and automating retention. Learn about data protection vs. privacy and key regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Discover how advanced tech enhances security. Ideal for businesses seeking to safeguard data and comply with global standards.

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Behavioral Data: Outpace the Competition and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Learn how data teams can create experiences that outpace the competition.

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Customer Story

Chipotle chips away at digital experience issues to improve customer satisfaction

See how this global brand delivers more value to customers by removing bugs and optimizing internal processes.

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concept image for first-party data strategy with person's hand interacting with data points
Blog Post

Build a first-party data strategy for data-driven decisions

Master a first-party data strategy to enhance decision-making in a cookieless future with the best data management and privacy practices.

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6 key metrics in measuring customer experience (CX)

Learn to measure customer experience with six essential metrics. Understand customer perceptions, improve service quality, and increase loyalty.

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Blog Post

The relaxed road to data and AI skill development: Where to begin

'Godfather of Data' Jordan Morrow shares how to harness AI with practical steps to boost your data literacy—no need for a degree!

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