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Building the ideal ecommerce tech stack for growth

How to build an ecommerce stack that’s tailored to your business—and, more importantly, your customers.

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Quantitative data examples to help you understand how to take action

Quantitative data is used for calculations or obtaining numerical results. Learn about the different types of quantitative data uses cases and more.

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Categorical vs. quantitative data: The difference plus why they’re so valuable

Categorical & quantitative variables both provide vital info about a data set. But each is important for different reasons and has its own pros/cons.

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Finding Needles in a Haystack: 5 Ways to Focus and Align on Optimizing Digital Experiences

Learn how DXI can help keep cross-functional teams focused and aligned on optimizing digital experiences

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The state of digital shopping 2021

Findings from a 2021 holiday survey conducted by FullStory

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4 ways DXI helps globally dispersed teams

No matter where your users are—or where your team is—Digital Experience Intelligence tools can pinpoint user friction. Here’s how.

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5 user experience optimizations for the best holiday season ever

What can you do to ready your site or mobile app for the coming shopping frenzy? Learn actionable ways to optimize your user experience. 

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3 ways to improve mobile ecommerce experience

More and more visitors are ditching desktop for mobile ecommerce. Learn actionable ways to improve the experience of your mobile visitors.

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5 expert insights for a better ecommerce site experience

Digital pros from three leading retailers share their best practices for building better ecommerce experiences.

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