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An angry face from a rage click
Blog Post

What are rage clicks? How to identify and address them

Find out what rage clicks are and why these frustration signals can be an insightful tool to better your customer experience.

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Blog Post

Travel, restaurants, and hospitality: 7 insights for the new normal

Experts from FullStory, Optimizely, and Arke share strategies for understanding and responding to the industry's changing landscape.

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A FullStory dashboard showing decreased conversion rates because of poor UI design.
Deep Dive

What is UI design? And how can you use it to create a perfect experience?

User interface design is a critical component in website and app optimization, conversion, and user happiness.

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3 actionable ways to turn journey maps into digital intelligence

In this guide, find out how COVID changed holiday ecommerce and learn what retailers can do to adapt.

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A magnifying glass zooming in on data.
Blog Post

Why is product analytics so important?

We dive into why product analytics is important to customer experience and how you can become better data-informed.

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A completed customer journey map
Blog Post

How to create a customer journey map

Map out how your customers navigate your website or app—and determine where you need to improve.

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Blog Post

Qualitative data: Examples and how to use it

Learn how to analyze qualitative data. We show examples of how to collect, organize, and analyze qualitative data to gain insights.

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Blog Post

What's a scroll map? How to build, analyze, and use scroll maps

See how far users scroll and get stakeholders on the same page when it comes to prioritizing content and features within a given page design.

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A number sign
Blog Post

Quantitative data examples to help you understand how to take action

Quantitative data is used for calculations or obtaining numerical results. Learn about the different types of quantitative data uses cases and more.

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