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Image of guide cover and content page. Purple to blue gradient on cover with text Quiet Critics, Uncovering the hidden customers costing your brand a fortune.

Quiet Critics: Uncovering the hidden customers costing your brand a fortune

A guide to understanding the frustrated customers who don't leave feedback—and aren’t likely to return.

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Blog Post

14 great digital analytics tools on the market today

Review the top analytics tools on the market today and learn how they can be beneficial to your business.

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Deep Dive

What are website analytics? A complete starter’s guide

If you own a website, then you should be tracking your website’s statistics. Here, we define website analytics, explain what they mean, and share tools and resources to help you track them.

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Customer Story

Wellstar puts patients first with an easy-to-navigate digital experience

Learn how one of Georgia’s largest, healthcare systems eliminate friction in their digital experience—helping find physicians and book appointments seamlessly.

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Deep Dive

Customer segmentation: analysis, methods & examples

Customer segmentation analysis breaks up your customer base into smaller groups for better targeting. Find out why it's important and how you can use it to your advantage.

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What is marketing analytics? Tips, tricks, and getting started

Marketing analytics is a way of using data to benefit your marketing communications. It’s about looking at the data behind your marketing to figure out what your customers want. That way you'll know what's working and what isn’t.

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Blog Post

10 conversion rate optimization best practices to better your bottom line

We break down some of the conversion rate optimization best practices that will help you scale.

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Blog Post

What is a good bounce rate? And what’s a bad one?

A high bounce rate is a sign that your website is ineffective. Learn about what a good bounce rate is, and how to make your website more engaging.

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What is bounce rate? And how do you improve yours?

Bounce rate is one of the most basic—and misunderstood—metrics in web analytics. Here are answers to the most common bounce rate questions.

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