The Future of Customer Experience and Marketing

What might managing CX for marketing look like in the future? If the trends of the last decade continue, customers will have increasing levels of access to information about brands. More and more of that information will be generated outside the control of marketing departments. There’s also the trend towards increased personalization, messaging users in a way that feels unique to their needs and wants.

To imagine the future of CX for marketing, we asked a few of our guides a hypothetical question: if you could ask a genie for help with a specific aspect of understanding, managing or improving your customer's experience, what would you ask for?

Ty Magnin at Appcues shared how he’d like to know “where someone's motivation level really drops, or knowing where they got confused, or what didn't resonate.” Ty went on to share that knowing what was “going on inside the emotional side of the brain … It’s hard to get that feedback because sometimes, you don't quite know what made you bounce.” Ty also shared how it’s hard to even survey audiences successfully — “It's hard to know as a product owner when to ask that question, how to ask them that question, without getting in the way of your user.”

Ty imagines if he had a wish he’d ask for the ability “to get tons of feedback about where people are frustrated, and what they're excited about and use that data to make the app even stickier, and all-around more awesome.”

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Joe Stych at Zapier shares that he would ask for a “complete, easy-to-parse view of every piece of content that the person interacted with. I'd want to know what they saw, what they interacted with, and why. When I searched for a customer's email address, that report would magically appear.”

While anything is possible in theory, is the omniscient customer experience dashboard envisioned by Joe just a hypothetical fantasy?

At FullStory, Amy Ellis shares how her team imagines a future where we have less friction in understanding user interactions online—and understanding them at scale. Here’s Amy:

Returning to the imperative of putting the customer first when it comes to delivering great customer experience, the future of managing CX for marketers starts with users. Being able to measure customer experience with less friction and with better tools will be key to the future of managing CX.

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