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4 ways Australia’s Endeavour Group enhances customer happiness with FullStory

Endeavour Group and FullStory talk about improving the customer journey, the importance of mobile-first, and more.

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How FullStory uses FullStory to deliver impactful digital experiences

Find out how FullStory uses our own DXI platform in our day-to-day workflows and decisions.

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Infographic: Total Economic Impact™ study shows 451% ROI, increased conversions, and more

Explore some of the key findings from the TEI study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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Build a case for DXI at your finserv organization with these 5 stats

Uncover five digital experience findings from leaders at finserv companies from our survey, and how DXI is changing the game.

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A dashboard in the FullStory app
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14 great digital analytics tools on the market today

Review the top analytics tools on the market today and learn how they can be beneficial to your business.

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User analytics dashboard in FullStory
Deep Dive

What is user analytics? An in-depth guide to user analysis

Metrics can be hugely helpful when trying to get a handle on user behavior. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t leverage that power and instead make decisions based on incomplete data.

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Blog Post

User retention metrics 101: The most important metrics to use

There are many ways execute of a user retention strategy, but it won't mean much unless you know which metrics to track.

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Customer Story

Jacaranda Finance improves conversion rates by 20% with FullStory

How Jacaranda, an Australia-based online loan service, improves the user experience, from application to customer support.

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User retention dashboard in the FullStory app
Deep Dive

User retention rate: How to calculate it & why it's critical

User retention rate is a valuable metric because it answers the question: When I acquire a new user, how often do they return?

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