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How our product team uses FullStory on FullStory to remove friction and optimize the user login flow

We explore how we used FullStory to discover (and fix!) issues in our user login flow, to create a more seamless first touchpoint for our users.

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3 ways to get closer to your customers with FullStory + Survicate

Explore our native, code-free (and free of charge) integration with the versatile customer feedback tool, Survicate.

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Watch | 5 habits of successful product-led companies

Tips from leaders at FullStory and Pendo

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Why you should optimize customer support for queue-based performance

Optimize your customer support organization and create happier support professionals, more loyal customers, and a better quality product.

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An example of a website heatmap.
Deep Dive

What is a heatmap? How to create and analyze them

Website heatmaps are one of the quickest ways to visualize and analyze large datasets. Find out what heatmaps are, how they’re created, and how you can use them to make data-driven decisions.

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An icon indicating a dead click.
Blog Post

What is a dead click? How to find and fix dead clicks for better UX

Dead clicks or dead links occur when a web page or email address cannot be found. Learn more about dead clicks and how they can impact your business.

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3 digital experience fallacies and how DXI-ready companies break them down

Learn three fallacies—and data-driven antidotes—to transform poorly performing sites into an experience that customers will love.

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An angry face from a rage click
Blog Post

What are rage clicks? How to identify and address them

Find out what rage clicks are and why these frustration signals can be an insightful tool to better your customer experience.

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How DXI-ready teams connect the dots between metrics and revenue

Learn how enterprise organizations can connect the dots between metrics and revenue using Digital Experience Intelligence.

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