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Screenshot of Fullstory segments looking at rage clicks, allowing users to predict customer behavior.
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The complete guide to data segmentation

Data segmentation organizes big data into targeted groups. This guide explains its benefits and implementation for improved marketing and insights.

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6 Hurdles of Modern Data Teams

A field guide and workbook to help leaders prioritize and plan how to address the biggest challenges

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From Data to Insights: A Non-Technical Intro to Data Discovery

Discover how data discovery transforms raw data into actionable insights for informed decisions, improved strategies, and better customer experiences.

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Deep Dive

What is behavioral data & why is it important?

Learn the essentials of behavioral data and its transformative impact on customer experience. Our comprehensive guide provides the tools and knowledge to harness this power effectively.

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The KPIs that drive quality for product teams

Set better goals, drive better quality and increase conversion rates with the KPIs that really matter.

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3 proven ways to optimize data usage

Prioritizing data completeness, consistency, and agility lets brands identify meaningful insights, saving time while improving customer satisfaction.

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Fullstory's product roadmap and beyond

An update from SVP of Product Experience Agata Bugaj as she shares how Fullstory's DXI platform.

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Data for CX OG
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How to use data analytics to improve customer experience

Customer experience analytics is the process of studying and understanding how customers interact with a business at different stages.

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Fullstory overview: Action-ready DX insights for every team

The answers you need to build the perfect digital experience.

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