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Funnel completion and drop-off in the past 30 days
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What is A/B testing? And why is it so important?

A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of the same product to determine which is the most compelling for users. Learn more about A/B testing here.

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A conversion funnel
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A step-by-step guide to conversion funnel optimization

Learn how to optimize your conversion funnel. This infographic gives you actionable tips, so you can make your next product launch better.

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Consumer survey: The industries that are nailing digital experiences (and which have room to grow)

Consumers rate their digital experiences for retail, grocery, finserv, healthcare, and utilities.

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How to monitor and optimize your website for Google’s Page Experience ranking

Everything you need to know about the Google Page Experience signal and how FullStory helps keep your site up to speed.

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A dashboard in the FullStory app showing session replay metrics and rage clicks
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The definitive guide to session replay

Session replay reproduces your user's online experience. But how should you use it? And how can you learn from it?

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Fight for Curiosity — Evan Michner, Head of Product

World-class teams are driven by curiosity – constantly searching for sparks that drive their product.

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Digital experience analytics in the FullStory app
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What is digital experience analytics? The complete guide

Digital experience analytics is the measurement of user experience on digital businesses, applications, and products in order to design better experiences.

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Conversion rates as shown in the FullStory app.
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What is a conversion funnel? The complete guide

A conversion funnel describes the process visitors go through to become customers. It helps marketers analyze their efforts, optimize conversions and find ways to improve their funnels.

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DXI for Mobile Experience: Privacy, Performance, and Bandwidth

Businesses need to take steps to understand what impact their app has on customers and rapidly iterate.

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