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How we lowered Fullstory for Android’s impact on app startup time by 75% thanks to Emerge Tools

After a customer prospect shared a report from Emerge Tools, we were able to track down a quick win to reduce our SDK startup time on Android by 75%.

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The 7 mobile metrics high-performing teams must track

Start tracking the high-impact stats that can make or break your mobile app experience with this guide.

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5 data-backed mobile app trends for 2023 and beyond

In the competitive mobile app space, staying on top of consumer trends is critical for success. Here are five to consider right now.

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14 great digital analytics tools on the market today

Review the top analytics tools on the market today and learn how they can be beneficial to your business.

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Cards from the FullStory platform showing Top UTM mediums, browser breakdowns, and device breakdowns
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Customer segmentation: analysis, methods & examples

Customer segmentation analysis breaks up your customer base into smaller groups for better targeting. Find out why it's important and how you can use it to your advantage.

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DXI for mobile: The challenges and opportunities of mobile analytics in 2023

Mobile app experts discuss what it takes to deliver the best app experiences in 2023.

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A conversion rate analysis in the FullStory app
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What is conversion rate optimization? How to optimize your way to success

A comprehensive guide to conversion rate optimization, how important it is, and how you can use it to boost your bottom line.

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User analytics dashboard in FullStory
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What is user analytics? An in-depth guide to user analysis

Metrics can be hugely helpful when trying to get a handle on user behavior. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t leverage that power and instead make decisions based on incomplete data.

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A hand collecting data
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User retention metrics 101: The most important metrics to use

There are many ways execute of a user retention strategy, but it won't mean much unless you know which metrics to track.

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