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Building Empathy Based Journey Maps Video Thumbnail

Watch | How to build an empathy-based, data-backed customer journey map

Jennifer Pyron from brand performance agency Mighty & True on building a customer journey map.

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Watch | Measuring your mobile experience

Are your mobile analytics giving you the full story about your customer’s app experience?

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Blog Post

How many sessions do I actually need to watch?

How many sessions do you really need to watch? Whether you've recorded 100s of sessions—or millions—this will focus your efforts and save you time.

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Blog Post

Zenstores puts FullStory to work for support, engagement, and conversion optimization

Using FullStory for support, app usage, and marketing funnels   from Zenstores.

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An example of a website heatmap.
Deep Dive

What is a heatmap? How to create and analyze them

Website heatmaps are one of the quickest ways to visualize and analyze large datasets. Find out what heatmaps are, how they’re created, and how you can use them to make data-driven decisions.

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