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Customer Story

Riachuelo resolves systemic bugs for a seamless checkout process

Explore one of the Brazil’s largest fashion retailers finds valuable customer behavior insights with Fullstory.

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DXI for Mobile Experience: Privacy, Performance, and Bandwidth

Businesses need to take steps to understand what impact their app has on customers and rapidly iterate.

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Blog Post

Form abandonment: How to avoid it and increase your conversion rates

Most websites or apps see high rates of form abandonment. Here's how to identify where and why users are dropping off—and how to fix the problem.

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Blog Post

How I used Fullstory before becoming a FullStorian

Senior Product Manager Christina Baumel shares how she used Fullstory to become a better PM—before she even worked at Fullstory.

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Blog Post

What is pinch-to-zoom? And why does it matter?

Learn about the pinch-to-zoom interaction, why it matters, and how to resolve the user frustration associated with it.

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An icon indicating a dead click.
Blog Post

What is a dead click? How to find and fix dead clicks for better UX

Dead clicks or dead links occur when a web page or email address cannot be found. Learn more about dead clicks and how they can impact your business.

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How PMs can lead their product to victory at each stage of growth

Building a product with an ecosystem around it has unique considerations, but it allows you to find greater product success.

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An angry face from a rage click
Blog Post

What are rage clicks? How to identify and address them

Find out what rage clicks are and why these frustration signals can be an insightful tool to better your customer experience.

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A FullStory dashboard showing decreased conversion rates because of poor UI design.
Deep Dive

What is UI design? And how can you use it to create a perfect experience?

User interface design is a critical component in website and app optimization, conversion, and user happiness.

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