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Why teams need both DXI and Google Analytics

Why would a team would need DXI when they already have a fully-baked Google Analytics implementation? Read on to find out.

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How to harness the power of product analytics.

How to harness the power of product analytics

Explore how to build a culture driven by data

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FullStory x Forrester. Webinar: Improve & Streamline Data Insights with DXI & Analytics Tools. Speakers: Kristen Newbold-Knipp, CMO, FullStory & Sam Somashekar, Principal Analyst, Forrester. Time. March 16, 10:30-11:15 AM ET.

Webinar: 3 reasons why 2022 is the year to streamline your DX data insights

Why global digital experience leaders are improving and streamlining data insights.

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Improve and streamline data insights with digital experience and analytics tools

Learn how global product leaders are tackling DX challenges in this Forrester Opportunity Snapshot.

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A FullStory dashboard showing decreased conversion rates because of poor UI design.
Deep Dive

What is UI design? And how can you use it to create a perfect experience?

User interface design is a critical component in website and app optimization, conversion, and user happiness.

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Accelerating your digital experience maturity

Understand the 3 pillars of DX and uncover strategies for future-proofing your site or mobile app.

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3 actionable ways to turn journey maps into digital intelligence

In this guide, find out how COVID changed holiday ecommerce and learn what retailers can do to adapt.

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Workshop: Talking Product

An interactive workshop with FullStory Senior Product Manager Christina Baumel and Product School.

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Angry signals on a mobile app
Deep Dive

What is user friction? How to avoid the mistakes and optimize your UX

User friction is when something stands in the way of creating an optimal user experience. Discover how you can use it to boost your usability.

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