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FullStory for Unbounce captures every click, swipe, and scroll, unlocking pixel-perfect session replay, click maps, instant analytics, and more.

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Understand the results of your A/B tests

You’ve been testing variants all week and one has emerged the winner—but why? FullStory filters your session replays by variant so you can see exactly why one outperforms the other, then use this insight to improve your pages.

Follow your Click Maps to customer success

See which parts of your page are hot and which are not with FullStory’s Click Maps. Then point-and-click on any element to get detailed interaction statistics or build segments of visitors who’ve clicked there.


Finally — actionable analytics

FullStory’s smart analytics aren’t just pretty—they’re a diving board to a deeper look at questions like “Which sources bring the most engaged customers to my page?” and “Where is this spike of visitors coming from?”

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