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Fullstory Connect: What you missed

The Fullstory Team
Posted October 25, 2023
Fullstory Connect: What you missed

Fullstory’s network of events for digital experience professionals continues to grow! In fall of 2023, we introduced Fullstory Connect with flagship events in New York City and San Francisco. 

Each Connect event offered attendees opportunities to hear from power users, offer feedback on the Fullstory platform, and, of course, connect with other DX designers and strategists. 

If you weren’t able to join us at Fullstory Connect, here’s a quick recap of what you missed. 

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3 highlights from Fullstory Connect

Hello from Fullstory founder Scott Voigt

To kick off Connect, Fullstory co-founder and CEO Scott Voigt shared some of his thoughts on the evolution of digital experiences, technology, and a customer-first mindset. The best products, according to Scott, are built by listening to users, taking their feedback seriously, and acting on it. 


Of course, customer feedback often comes in the form of digital experience data—someone rage clicking on your website is feedback in the same way that sending a written complaint via email is. Digital experiences generate a lot of data, though, and humans simply aren’t built to manage all of it. This, Scott says, is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will transform the future of DX analytics. 

Customer and partner panels take center stage

Both Fullstory Connect events featured rousing panel discussions with Fullstory power users from a variety of industries. Here is a quick summary of each of them. 

Connect NYC panel

Leaders from FTD, InMoment, and Newell Brands sat down with Tim Axon, founder of Fullstory partner LeanConvert, for an insightful roundtable at Connect NYC. In addition to using digital experience data to unite teams, panelists discussed how they use Fullstory to tailor data to different users around the organization. For example, a sales team needs a different view of DX data than a product team. Additionally, panelists noted that effectively making data-driven decisions starts with access to highly structured, autocaptured data—two requirements that are tough to find but that come together in Fullstory. 


Connect SF panel

At Connect SF, digital experience pros from Cisco, Scale.ai, and Transtar Industries chatted about their DX optimization efforts with Wayne Chichanski from Connect sponsor iQuanti. Data silos are a key problem that can cause widespread issues—including misaligned priorities, conflicting datasets, and decisions based on opinions rather than facts. Making Fullstory data accessible to multiple departments around the organization helps get teams on the same page, saves time by cutting down on confusion, and allows more team members to experience “aha moments” that create better alignment. Additionally, panelists discussed how Fullstory sheds light on real user journeys, which often aren’t linear or easy to predict. By exploring actual paths to conversion, DX leaders can optimize websites to make those paths shorter and more user-friendly. 

A sneak peek at the Fullstory product roadmap

Connect attendees were treated to an exclusive peek behind the curtain of what’s on the horizon for the platform with Fullstory VP of Product Agata Bugaj. Most notably, Agata outlined several ways that AI will drive the future of Fullstory’s digital experience data. For example: 

  • Industry-specific data mapping that uses AI to guide what you should track and how to interpret data

  • Session summaries written by AI so you can know a user session’s content without watching it

  • AI-generated reports for key metrics and workflows

  • Perception AI that brings real-time customer context to AI-powered chatbots and customer support tools 


Additionally, Agata touched on recently released and upcoming features like heatmaps for native mobile, a dashboard template gallery, and new frustration signals including mobile crash events and rage quits. Learn more about the roadmap in this on-demand webinar

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