Frustration Signals

Your users are telling you something. Are you listening?

With automatic alerts for frustration signals, you can tackle friction before it becomes an abandoned cart, a negative app review, or user churn.

Frustration signals displayed in the FullStory app

Pinpoint pains and cure them

Identify priority fixes

Identify priority fixes

Validate issues in real-time with Session Replay. Whether the issue is quicker conversions or more completions, frustration signals are automatically prioritized by business impact.

Get red alerts for user frustration

Get red alerts for user frustration

See opportunities before they become problems, with automated alerts for events like Rage Clicks, Error Clicks, Thrashed Cursors, and dozens more.

Take action quickly and confidently

Take action quickly and confidently

When you are alerted to frustration signals in context, you aren’t just told there’s a problem—you see exactly how to fix it, too.

Real users weigh in on FullStory’s frustration signals

G2 Leader, Fall 2023

“Using metrics like Rage Clicks and Dead Clicks, we can uncover where our product is breaking down, as well as when users are becoming most frustrated. It empowers us to make more informed decisions about the direction of our product, and helps us with debugging issues when they arise.”

Validated G2 Reviewer
A man in a meeting smiles

Go beyond interaction metrics to uncover real solutions

Various frustration signal icons

Dozens of preconfigured signals

From Abandoned Forms and Scroll Depth to Network Errors and Pinch-to-Zoom, FullStory’s proprietary machine intelligence automatically surfaces a long list of need-to-know signals.

Frustration signal library in the FullStory app

Feedback for the whole (workplace) family

FullStory’s simple Omnisearch bar makes it easy for anyone–developers, designers, customer support and more–to find what they’re looking for.

Events per session dashboard in, showing events per session are up 23% vs. the prior 30 days

Celebrate what’s working

Not every user signal is negative. Use signals like Highlight, Copy, and Clicks to uncover areas of your digital experience that may be engaging and delighting your users.

Yakima Chief Hops reduces support time by 50%

We can proactively get ahead of most issues customers are experiencing to ensure they have the best experience possible… We did significant research to select the best-fitting user analytics and tracking solution, and FullStory has provided much greater value than we ever anticipated."

Jordan Gottlieb headshot
Jordan GottliebDirector of Software Engineering, Yakima Chief Hops

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