Yakima Chief Hops supports lean teams and cut CX issues time-to-resolution in half

Yakima Chief Hops is a 100% grower-owned Washington-based supplier of hops for brewers across the globe. In 2020, Yakima Chief Hops supplied more than 40% of the total North American crop, officially becoming the largest hop supplier in North America. YCH sources from a network of more than 50 family-owned farms that collaborate to grow the hops that YCH distributes. Yakima Chief Hops is also working toward carbon neutrality, and was recently named one of the greenest businesses with the largest solar array in Washington.


Yakima Chief Hops needed to augment small teams with data and analytics to proactively identify defects, save resolution time, and ensure the quality of their software without specialized roles like quality assurance or UI/UX teams.


By leveraging Fullstory's session replay capabilities, Yakima Chief Hops' engineering team could monitor user sessions, measure frustration signals, and identify bugs proactively. This enabled them to solve user problems before they happened, reducing support tickets, preventing customer churn, and saving time and money. Fullstory also helped pinpoint causes of user issues without lengthy troubleshooting, allowing engineers to diagnose and solve problems efficiently.


"Fullstory enables us to provide the highest level of customer support possible with our available resources. We can proactively get ahead of most issues customers are experiencing to ensure they have the best experience possible. Without Fullstory, we’d be flying blind. We did significant research to select the best-fitting user analytics and tracking solution, and Fullstory has provided much greater value than we ever anticipated.”

Jordan Gottlieb, Director of Software Engineering, Yakima Chief Hops




Company Size



10% Engineering time saved each sprint

50% Support time saved per incident

30% Defects identified proactively using Fullstory

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