Private by default

Worry free, by default

Don’t risk collecting sensitive user data. See everything you need to build better experiences—and nothing you don’t.


Ship confidently–without risking user privacy

Access reliable data

Access reliable data

Get complete visibility into the way users interact with your digital experience without collecting any of the sensitive, unnecessary information that creates risk.

Capture what you need

Capture what you need

Robust privacy settings empower you to easily and intentionally capture only the data you need.

Say goodbye to PII

Say goodbye to PII

Sensitive fields like passwords or credit card numbers are never captured. Add custom exclusions to totally block specific data from playback, event streams, search, and segmentation.

Reduce your risk

Reduce your risk

Safely update the precise data your website or mobile app collects at any time without the risk of capturing sensitive information.

Iterate faster

Iterate faster

When newly introduced elements are excluded by default, teams can ship quickly and fearlessly without extra steps to confirm the appropriate exclusions are perfectly configured.

Achieve compliance

Achieve compliance

Maintain your commitment to GDPR and other regulations, based on your industry or geography. Industry-leading teams like Gap and Carvana trust Fullstory’s rigorous security and compliance standards.

Real users weigh in on Fullstory’s privacy features

G2-Leader Fall 2023

“Fullstory's privacy-first approach is world-class, and the PII masking is something that no one else is doing.”

Validated G2 reviewer
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Not your average privacy settings

Masked elements viewed as wireframe

Wireframed replay

Masked elements are transformed into a wireframe during Session Replay, allowing you to see every user interaction in high fidelity.

Preview masking changes

Flexible masking

Fullstory goes beyond protecting payment and password fields. Safely preview changes with easy configuration and consent-based capture rules.

Mobile version of masking

Masking made for mobile

In addition to masking text, Fullstory for Mobile Apps can replace images with solid shapes to prevent collecting any unnecessary context.

Finicity boosted data collection best practices with Fullstory

"One of the greatest advantages of Fullstory is that it lets us verify the data we’re seeing with actual sessions, where with other solutions we didn’t have assurance the numbers are good.”

Christiaan Johnson

Christiaan Johnson

VP of Product, Consumer and User Experiences, Finicity

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