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A mobile app device breakdown by percentage and the real number. Behind this is a graph showing a user trend line graph by week and the previous period.

Debug smarter, not harder.

Save hours of engineering time while understanding crashes better than ever. FullStory’s high-fidelity session replay illuminates every facet of unexpected mobile app performance, from user action to root cause.

Debugging a mobile app using FullStory Session Replay
Instant Replay

Instant Replay

Session replay isn’t a screen recording: it’s a re-creation of the drawing operations that take place within your app, so you can see and understand your users’ experiences exactly how they happened.

Replicate Crashes and Errors

Replicate Crashes and Errors

With access to the user console, pertinent device information, and high-fidelity session replay, reproducing bugs and developing fixes is straightforward and—dare we say it?—easy.

Tagless Analytics

Tagless Analytics

FullStory automatically identifies taps, scrolls, screen elements, and user engagement statistics, so you can spend your time improving your digital experience instead of instrumenting your code.

Optimize Viz

Optimize the entire user journey.

Earning trust, conversions, and 5-star reviews depends on a great in-app experience. FullStory gives you unprecedented visibility into user engagement, performance, and other crucial factors that determine whether your app hits its revenue goals—or gets uninstalled.


Private by default.

Out of the box, FullStory helps you understand the overall shape of your user experience without capturing sensitive customer data. Need to record certain text fields for discovery and analysis? Our precise privacy controls let you collect just what you need to improve your product, and no more.

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