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Protecting users’ privacy is central to our mission to help organizations perfect their digital experiences. Our platform was built to log the data needed to understand user journeys without sacrificing user privacy.

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Fullstory provides all customers with the right tools and detailed materials for protecting data privacy.

Fullstory makes it easy to uphold data privacy


Create custom safeguards in minutes

Whether you have engineering resources or not, you can quickly protect user data.

The platform is simple enough for non-technical users to set privacy rules, and robust enough to also give engineers the flexibility of a code-first approach.

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Innovate with peace of mind

Customize the user data you collect, without sacrificing insights that help you continuously optimize your site or digital product.

By selectively masking and excluding elements from capture, you’ll still be able to understand the story of your customer’s experience and run critical analysis about their behavior—without capturing information you don’t need.


Easily maintain data privacy as you scale

Innovative companies constantly ship new features and expand their website or mobile app—which can introduce privacy risk. Every Fullstory account is equipped with a robust suite of tools designed to manage data privacy directly in the platform. Avoid ever-growing custom code or services projects to maintain privacy as your digital experience changes over time.

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CCPA, Privacy Shield, SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701

Keep your data safe and secure

Rest easy knowing the data you do log with Fullstory is secure and encrypted. With security that exceeds enterprise standards, security officers at companies of all sizes have confidently signed off on Fullstory.

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Guide: Fullstory privacy and security

Learn how Fullstory gathers user interactions and secures its Digital Experience Intelligence platform in this in-depth resource. Plus, see why Private by Default is the industry standard for data collection.

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Understand how Fullstory’s privacy tools can work for you

Understand how Fullstory’s privacy tools can work for you

Learn more about our approach to privacy

Learn more about our approach to privacy

Learn more about how we ensure your data is always secure

Learn more about how we ensure your data is always secure