Tagless Autocapture

Get all the answers with all the data

Retroactively capture everything your users see—plus long-tail data that can help uncover the real user experience.


It’s not magic–it’s autocapture

Find answers you need quickly and easily

Find answers you need quickly and easily

Start gathering insights immediately from comprehensive, indexed, and searchable data. Find answers to questions you didn’t even think to ask.

Discover patterns you had no idea were there

Discover patterns you had no idea were there

With complete coverage of all your data, you’ll discover bugs and friction that would have otherwise flown under the radar.

See exactly what needs optimizing

See exactly what needs optimizing

Fullstory’s proprietary technology transforms your data into JourneysSignalsHeatmaps, and more so you can prioritize and act decisively.

Real users weigh in on Fullstory’s tagless autocapture

G2 Most Implementable, winter 2024

“Most companies don’t tag everything. Fullstory has been able to fill in some gaps for us, like 404 error pages or product availability, where we did not have them tagged, but we were able to see what was going on and then make adjustments. And it’s millions of dollars that we have saved.”

Stephen Stewart

Senior Manager, Merchandising Analytics at Lowe’s

Stephen Stewart, Senior Manager, Merchandising Analytics at Lowe’s

Rely on a fail-safe data foundation

Private autocapture

Ensure privacy out of the box

Fullstory's Private by Default data capture ensures you never see any user's personally identifiable information (PII). Autocapture intelligently recreates sessions without recording sensitive user data, ensuring privacy during Session Replay.

Dev tools

Get to the root of a problem

Comprehensive autocaptured data powers Fullstory’s suite of diagnostic tools, so your engineering and product teams can always identify the source of an issue and address it.

Retroactive data

Never lose data again

When you rely strictly on manual instrumentation, you start losing data the moment an event breaks—if you even notice it’s broken. Since autocapture is retroactive, you’ll never lose a thing.

Yakima Chief Hops saves 50% of support time spent per incident

"We can proactively get ahead of most issues customers are experiencing to ensure they have the best experience possible… We did significant research to select the best-fitting user analytics and tracking solution, and Fullstory has provided much greater value than we ever anticipated."

Jordan Gottlieb headshot

Jordan Gottlieb

Director of Software Engineering, Yakima Chief Hops

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