Funnels & Conversions

Walk a mile in your users’ shoes–then shorten the distance

With Fullstory’s funnels and conversions, you can validate that the paths you’ve built are working as intended, or quickly spot areas where users get off track.


Identify where and why users are getting lost

See how people are really using your product

See how people are really using your product

You painstakingly built perfect workflows–right? Now see how users are actually navigating, and where they’re failing to complete or convert.

Spot and solve problems, fast

Spot and solve problems, fast

Automatically surface performance issues and user sentiment signals like rage clicks, and see how much they’re impacting your bottom line. Pair that with the power of Session Replay to experience it all from the user’s perspective and identify next steps.

Show your success over time

Show your success over time

Get convenient access to your KPIs to show how your team has improved the product over time. Track completion rates or speed-to-finish by saving high-priority funnels to team dashboards.

Real users weigh in on Fullstory’s funnels and conversions

G2-Leader Fall 2023

“We have uncovered several technical errors and have been able to quantify their scale and impact–something we've not been able to do with other tools.”

Validated G2 reviewer
Smiling woman

Amplify user experiences with powerful data

Funnel analysis

See the full truth of the user experience

Automatically capture every user step to catch the challenges between log-in and completion. Identify what friction stands between browsing product grids and completing checkout—then eliminate it.

No code tools

Empower everyone to act faster (and smarter)

Accessible user interface and no-code tools enable everyone in your organization to use data to problem-solve. Use built-in communication tools to collaborate across teams and fix bugs together.

Lost revenue report

Quantify the revenue you’re losing to friction

For digital experiences with revenue-generating actions—from ecommerce and gaming, to travel and insurance—see exactly how much money you are losing due to user pain points so you can prioritize exactly where to take action.

Flight Centre decreased their booking fail rate by 22%

"Fullstory was integral for improving products in our retail ecosystem with a lean team—it allowed us to uncover the 'unknown unknowns' and prioritize which actions to take."

Hans Einner Barroga headshot

Hans Einner Barroga

Experience Design Lead, Flight Centre

Flight Centre

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