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Helpful articles, guides, knowledge base how-tos, and more.


The Basics

Day One with FullStory
The script, teams, privacy, search — an overview.
Setting up for success
A checklist to get you started.
a.k.a. Intelligent Data Visualizations or the card-like, search sensitive charts and graphs in FullStory.
Protecting user privacy by excluding elements
User privacy is important. Learn how to protect it.
Game Film
Get your whole team watching FullStory.

Using Search

Getting started with search in FullStory
Discover the power of FullStory search.
5 FullStory searches you should be using
New user behavior, bounce rates, form abandonment, failed searches, and web/app errors.
Building a search with Inspect Mode
Identify elements and create behavior-based searches on-the-fly.

Page Insights & Click Maps

Page Insights overview
See aggregated click insights on pages and app-states.
Using Click Maps to analyze user interactions
How to run analysis on user interactions against specific elements on a page.
Using Inspect Mode to drive FullStory search (KB)
Toggle from Click Maps to Inspect Mode to grab the elements you need to build a search.
What are Web Heatmaps?
Do web heatmap tools actually work for understanding dynamic web pages and apps?

Integrations & Next Steps

Name customers with FS.identify
How to setup FullStory to uniquely identify users.
Integrations with FullStory
FullStory can be integrated with many tools including Slack, Trello, Intercom, Google Analytics, JIRA, HelpScout, and more.
Exporting user lists from any search result or segment
Once you’ve segmented users with search, how to export the data from FullStory.
The FullStory API (Also: JavascriptREST)
How to get the data you need out of FullStory.
Sharing sessions with guests
How to safely share FullStory sessions using guest seats.

Frustration Signals

Rage Clicks
Find sessions in which users rapidly click or tap elements.
Dead Clicks
Find sessions with clicks or taps that go nowhere.
Error Clicks
Find sessions with clicks or taps that create console errors.
Thrashed Cursor
Find sessions in which the user rapidly thrashes the mouse back and forth.
Form Abandonment
Pull sessions in which users start but do not complete forms.
Most Frustrated Sessions
See your most frustrated sessions for a given serach or segment.
Rage Grade
See your industry benchmarked frustration score.