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FullStory Reviews

We love our product and are thrilled to hear when our customers love it, too. Below, find a few of our favorite reviews of FullStory.
Video Review, "Favorite UX Research Tool"
"[FullStory] is my favorite tool for UX research and one of my favorite products, in general."
— Ran Segall, UX vlogger
A Review of FullStory—You Need This!
"Whenever a bug gets reported, we save plenty of time trying to reverse engineer how the customer bumped in to this error."
— TreeStone Media
Wall of Love
An assortment of quotes pulled from use-cases and users of FullStory.

Using Search

Search is one of the most powerful, differentiating capabilities of FullStory, allowing you to "Google" your customer's experience online. While you can search for anything, look below for inspiration on how to get started.

Replay What Matters Most—Using Search and Segments
The power of FullStory search and segments—how to get started.
5 FullStory searches you should be using
New user behavior, bounce rates, form abandonment, failed searches, and web/app errors.
6 Searches for Tracking Marketing Campaigns in FullStory
Analyze marketing objectives, conversions.
6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians
How to use FullStory Search for SaaS.
3 to Search On: Has Never, Is Not in the Last, Param Starts With
Advanced searches to try in FullStory.

Heat Maps and Click Maps

Page Insights with Heat Maps and Click Maps are FullStory's solution for visualizing aggregated clicks for any page—or screen state—on your site or app. A website heatmap built for the dynamic, modern web.

Heat Maps Speed Time to Insight
How FullStory accelerate understanding and compliment Click Maps.
Using Click Maps to analyze user interactions
How to run analysis on user interactions against specific elements on a page.
Using Inspect Mode to drive FullStory search
Toggle from Click Maps to Inspect Mode to grab the elements you need to build a search.
What are Website Heatmaps?
4 major problems with website heatmapping tools and how FullStory solves them with Click Maps.