See every story with comprehensive data capture

Build more actionable dashboards with visuals that decode key metrics and link to the user behaviors behind every data point.

A snapshot of dashboards in the FullStory app

A quick and easy way to keep tabs on your key metrics

Visualize key metrics for regular monitoring

Visualize key metrics for regular monitoring

Use out-of-the-box dashboards or mix and match dozens of cards to build custom dashboards relevant for product, UX, engineering, and other teams.

Track trends in your users' behavior

Track trends in your users' behavior

Monitor progress on key metrics over time, anticipate seasonal user behaviors, track feature adoption and much more to prove wins, prioritize work, and identify opportunities.

Keep every team aligned with data you can trust

Keep every team aligned with data you can trust

Coordinate work across the organization and empower data-driven decision-making when teams rely on the same source of truth.

Real users weigh in on FullStory’s dashboards

“We have a ton of dashboards to help us better understand customer usage of different products/features on site, quantifying opportunity, measuring ROI, what content [our] users [are] interacting with, and many more.”

Validated G2 reviewer
A woman explains a concept during a business meeting

The only dashboards that show you the why behind the what

A welcome message to your dashboard.

Build your own personalized workspace

Save the dashboards you want to check every day to your workspace. Build the homepage of your dreams with the cards that matter most to you–all only a click away.

UTM mediums, device breakdown, and browser breakdowns in the FullStory app.

Use Omnisearch to explore your autocaptured data

Create dashboards from any of the data FullStory captures—which is all of it, automatically. Simply use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Trend lines and segment playlists in the FullStory app

See the qualitative reasons behind the quantitative metrics

When you enrich your dashboards with other FullStory features like Funnels, Scroll Depth, Heatmaps, and Session Replay, you can discover the “why” behind every data point.

Finicity uses dashboards to increase funnel conversions 15%

One of the greatest advantages of FullStory is that it lets us verify the data we’re seeing with actual sessions, where with other solutions we didn’t have assurance the numbers are good.”

Christiaan JohnsonDirector of Product Design, Finicity

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