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Enhancements to Fullstory put the intelligence you need front and center

The Fullstory Team
Posted July 13, 2022
Enhancements to Fullstory put the intelligence you need front and center

Today, we’re releasing a reimagined home experience for all of your digital intelligence work. 

Now, with Fullstory, it’s easier than ever to organize your personal work, pick up where you left off, and quickly find the intelligence you need, as you need it. Here, we’ll share three key updates that make Fullstory’s Digital Experience Intelligence even more action-ready and adaptable to teams’ and individuals’ unique data needs. 

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Personalize your Fullstory experience with Home and Search enhancements

Organize your homepage to fit the way you like to work

We’re most excited to introduce Home, a new personalized landing zone, dedicated to the work you need to get done. 

On Home, the charts, graphs, and metrics that are most important to you are front and center. You can drag and drop cards in any configuration and organize your workspace to fit how you do things.

Home connects you to all of Fullstory’s data and analysis tools—allowing you and your team to work within the same dataset without compromising your own processes. 

Home can also act as your own personal workspace , ready to be filled with analyses you’re refining until they’re ready to be shared more broadly or added to a Dashboard.

Here are all the ways Home is designed to help you stay focused:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for any of the cards you add 

  • A collapsible sidebar that unlocks an edge-to-edge view of your workspace

  • A persistent, searchable Library of all created objects in the sidebar

  • Quick Actions, to swiftly jump to create new analysis in a single click 

Our vision for Home is that it will serve as the foundation for your work in Fullstory, and help you keep your finger on the pulse of digital intelligence for the products and experiences you own.  

homeandsearch draganddrop

Create shortcuts to your frequently used Fullstory tools

Take action more quickly with a new interface that helps you get where you want to be within Fullstory faster. 

With Home as your starting point, the collapsible and “sticky” sidebar navigation now becomes your go-to for reaching Dashboards, Metrics, Segments, or anything else you need to pick up right away. 

This streamlined look and feel also places the parts and pieces you need to build your analysis into a Library. This new sidebar gives you the power to search for anything you or your team have architected, with one-click access to each object Library. Now, even Segments and Dashboards have their own dedicated index pages when you need to comb through the data stories your team is building. 

With a simplified flow for navigating throughout the Fullstory toolbox, you can move through your workspace more efficiently. 

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Use expanded search capabilities for greater data exploration 

For years now, our Omnisearch capabilities have made it easy to find any piece of logged data, whether it's an event or user property—making it efficient to self-serve data when exploring the unknown unknowns that lurk within your experience.  

Based on your positive feedback of this search functionality, we’ve infused the contextual Omnisearch feature into every field possible across the app. Now, you can create or view Segments, new Metrics, Funnels, and more at any point in your workflow.

No matter where you are met with a search field in Fullstory, you can activate Omnisearch to explore the rich digital context we capture. 

By making it easy to search through all of your DX data, we hope you’ll be able to employ it more often and more effectively. 

Your feedback led to these enhancements

How did we arrive here? A brief history…

Fullstory started out as a pixel-perfect, intelligent way for digital teams to watch sessions and uncover the why behind the what and how of their users' experience. As our customer base has grown, so have the opportunities for qualitative and quantitative exploration you can capture with the data we provide. With our customers’ help, we came to a conclusion: Gathering and acting on intelligence from Fullstory is exponentially more impactful when it combines the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your users' behavior. 

And so, from early 2020 until today, we’ve taken steps to introduce more quantitative-based tools—like Conversions, Dashboards, Journeys, and even data layer capture—to give you the added context you need for smarter, deeper analysis. 

Today we’ve captured data from more popular digital destinations than all the major auto-capture tools. (Fullstory is live on more than 11,000 popular digital destinations, according to And since January 2021, we’ve captured well over 25 billion sessions on behalf of these digital experience owners. In the last couple of years, our customers have taught us so much about what is possible with Fullstory—while at the same time, showing us which boundaries we can push to help you extract even more insight from your DX data.

You’ve told us there is a growing appetite to use Digital Experience Intelligence to uncover the unknown unknowns that you don’t see with solely instrumented events. Leaders across distributed companies in tech, eCommerce, finance, and more have shared that building and maintaining a culture of data-driven intelligence is a top priority.

Over time, we’ve also learned that every session, once captured, is more than just a single point in time. Fullstory captures valuable (and in some cases, institutional) digital knowledge that should be shared, reshared, and applied across multiple teams, disciplines, or organizations to create wide-ranging impact. 

With all of that in mind, we’ve embarked on a journey to evolve into a digital headquarters that’s easy to use but also expands what you can achieve with DXI. 

Our ultimate goal is to extend the value of the toolbox we're providing to you and your teams.

Looking to what’s ahead

We see a future where digital leaders have all the tools they need to create a more intelligent digital experience as individuals and collaborative humans. Fullstory gives you a place to lay the groundwork (and more) for new, innovative ways to perfect your digital experience—all with agility in mind.

With these enhancements, Fullstory continues on our mission to perfect digital experiences across the web, mobile, and beyond. 

Meet other DX pros and share best practices at Spark, the first Digital Experience Intelligence conference. Register here.

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