Journey Maps

Build journeys your users want to follow

Connect journey map data to real user experiences with powerful tools that let you see every challenge and opportunity.


Transform the way you test, measure, and iterate

Spot trends faster

Spot trends faster

Get clear, complete pictures of the common paths your customers take through your product thanks to proprietary machine learning technology.

Pinpoint success and friction

Pinpoint success and friction

Pair journey mapping with features like funnels, conversions, and segments to highlight what paths your super (and not-so-super) users are taking to set everyone up for success.

Get the “why" behind the “what”

Get the “why" behind the “what”

Watch user sessions to connect data analysis with real customer experience and understand the full reason why users are taking specific paths.

Real users weigh in on Fullstory’s journey mapping

G2-Leader Fall 2023

“We can see and analyze the user journeys and figure out what issues the users are facing while on the website.”

Validated G2 reviewer
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Ensure all paths lead to user success


Insights you can act on

Data insights are greater when you get the full story. Our platforms capabilities make each subsequent step crystal clear.

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Implementation without instrumentation

When you don’t rely on instrumentation, you can get started more quickly. Automatic and retroactive data capture means teams start seeing the data you need to make impactful changes right away.


Autocapture the unknown

Never let another data point slip through the cracks. Only the complete data picture can reveal every unknown issue and opportunity.

Reliable data

Data you can trust

Fullstory’s powerful behavioral data generates the most complete and reliable picture of the journeys your users are taking, and tracks key metrics over time.

Saks Fifth Avenue used a complete picture of the user journey to cater to customer expectations

"Visibility into the customer journey allows us to quickly resolve issues and add more value to our digital experience."

Yi Cao, Senior Manager of Product Research, HBC Saks Fifth Avenue

Yi Cao

Senior Manager of Product Research, HBC Saks Fifth Avenue

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Product Snapshots

Transform data into insightful journey maps that reveal opportunities to perfect the user experience.

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Jennifer Pyron from brand performance agency Mighty & True on building a customer journey map.

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Quickly spot areas where your users are getting off track.

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