How to build an empathy-based, data-backed customer journey map

Jennifer Pyron from brand performance agency Mighty & True on building a customer journey map.

If you’re looking for ways to improve conversion, increase purchases and build customer loyalty, you’ve got to start with your customer journey.

Building a customer journey map makes creating effective, empathetic marketing messaging and programs effortless. Even better, it illuminates the gaps in your strategy and makes it perfectly clear where improvements are needed.

Below, Jennifer Pyron from brand performance agency Mighty & True leads us through building an empathy-based, data-backed customer journey map – and how to use data to make it actionable.

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What's Covered

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • An easy, repeatable way to map your customer journey and identify the top opportunities for improvement.

  • How to ensure your customer journey map is a living, breathing guide to taking action and making improvements, not a static artifact that gets forgotten as a one-time exercise.

  • The essential practice of validating your customer journey insights with customer data and prioritizing the top opportunities for improvement based on potential impact.