Session Replay

Session summaries make all your user insights actionable

One click session summaries take session insights to the next level. Save time with AI generated context surrounding a specific user’s behavior so you can move towards action more efficiently.


The most honest user feedback you’ll ever get

Gain empathy at scale

Gain empathy at scale

See the full scope and impact of a user experience problem—how many users are affected, and when and where issues are occurring, no matter if they’re browsing your site on one tab or 20.

Prove (or disprove) your hunches

Prove (or disprove) your hunches

Captured sessions instantly become data points you can trust and answers you can act on.

Make changes at the first sign of trouble

Make changes at the first sign of trouble

See the “why” behind every “what” so you can best understand where and how to resolve friction.

Understand the issues that impact key metrics

Understand the issues that impact key metrics

Drive adoption, engagement, growth, and retention by honing in on the digital experience issues that matter the most to your team.

Real users weigh in on Fullstory’s Session Replay

G2 Highest User Adoption, Mid-Market, winter 2024

“I love the ability Fullstory Session Replay provides to truly understand where users experience issues in order to optimize experiences with qualitative and quantitative data.”

Validated G2 reviewer
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Back every decision with real customer data

Tagless autocapture

Complete data for a complete understanding

Easy implementation and intuitive UI empowers your whole team to jump in right away. Tagless autocapture means you never have to worry about data points slipping through the cracks.

High fidelity and on-demand - New

Work faster with AI-generated summaries

GenAI automatically summarizes part of a user session with just one click, making it easier for teams to understand and share context.

Fullstory privacy settings

Customize your privacy settings

Capture what you need, and mask what you don’t. Whether for a desktop or mobile experience, choose the privacy level that’s right for your organization, industry, and, of course, your users.

Beyond product analytics

Go beyond product analytics

Data tells you there’s a problem. Session Replay shows you how to fix it. Don’t settle for just the metrics—see the behaviors behind them, including tabbed browsing.

Sendoso saves 104 hours per year for their support team

"Fullstory lets us look at user behavior both individually and holistically across all of our users. We can also use Fullstory to easily see when something like a simple UX issue is causing a lot of confusion, which is a gold mine of information for taking our user experience to the next level."

Kelly Hoover headshot

Kelly Hoover

Senior Product Manager, Sendoso

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