The intelligent platform for groundbreaking digital experiences.

FullStory’s powerful analytics engine transforms an ocean of interaction data points into perfectly actionable insights across your digital channels—at scale.

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Improving billions of experiences at brands like

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Uncover hidden opportunities to improve your digital experience.

Frustration signals

Expose friction in your UI.

Our algorithms detect and surface telltale frustration signals such as rage clicks and thrashing cursors.

Mobile App Support

Unparalleled visibility on any device.

Optimize user journeys, contextualize crashes, and uncover points of friction on your mobile app—all while respecting end-user privacy.

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Search using uniquely flexible filters.

Say goodbye to clunky event instrumentation and hello to FullStory’s lightweight search functionality.


Proactively find ways to foster funnel completion.

Improve conversion rates by automatically pinpointing where users struggle to move through your funnels and prioritizing your efforts based on severity of impact.

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Analyze and understand user behavior on any page.

Pivot between quantitative and qualitative data to measure interactions in aggregate or study individual cases—from a single application.


Visualize user experience data.

Discover whether key features get lost on the page with eye-catching visualizations that reveal click rates and scroll depth.

Session Replay

Learn from real user sessions.

Realize unexpected paths with high-fidelity session replay that recreates every moment, on-demand.

Private by Default

Sensitive data stays where it belongs.

Robust privacy tooling ensures that you can have the right data that you need while minimizing the risk of collecting sensitive data.

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Measure the effectiveness of every deploy.

FullStory is your team’s sharable, customizable, centralized source of ground-truth data.

Custom Funnels & Segments

Create broad or narrow audience segments.

Flexible funnels and precise user segmentation help you analyze user flows on-the-fly without clunky event instrumentation.


Receive notifications about noteworthy events.

From conversion rate dips to new user peaks, learn immediately when key events occur by receiving alerts in the tools you use every day.

Dev Tools

Get to the source of the problem.

Engineering teams can fix bugs and performance issues faster with behind-the-scenes insights into console errors and network requests.

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Custom-tailored to suit your needs.

For even more powerful insights, make FullStory’s out-of-the-box data your own.

Customer Data Platform

Standardize your data definitions.

Maximize your data by sending existing custom events from platforms like Segment or Tealium directly to FullStory.

Custom Events

Accurate, consistent user event data.

For supremely precise insights, easily instrument events in your code for segmentation and analysis.

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Share insights with teammates or clients.

Efficiently create consensus around issues and fixes by seamlessly sharing data with collaborators.

Build on FullStory’s industrial-strength data pipeline.

FullStory’s innovative approach to digital experience analytics is powered by our data engine, which fuels both our platform and your digital transformation.

Data Exports

Power your data science and BI initiatives by exporting FullStory’s massive interaction datasets.


Shape FullStory to your specific needs using our simple Client API and secure HTTP API.


Take action on your digital experience data with timely notifications and powerful workflows.

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Innovate more rapidly by integrating FullStory with the rest of your tech stack.

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Working with FullStory gives us and our clients the ability to attack user problems in a logical, consistent and effective way.

David Mannheim

Founder & CEO, User Conversion