JetBlue reduces payment errors by 20%

With an average of 1,000 daily flights, JetBlue transports over 40 million passengers each year to more than 100 cities in the United States, Latin America, Caribbean, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Since it was founded over two decades ago, JetBlue has been on a mission to inspire humanity by establishing a better way of doing business in air transport. To ensure their customers have the best possible digital experience when browsing, booking, and checking into flights, JetBlue uses Fullstory’s behavioral bataplatform to monitor revenue-impacting feature releases, boost key user flows, and simplify cross-functional troubleshooting.


JetBlue, with over 1,000 daily flights and 40 million yearly passengers, faced the challenge of ensuring a seamless digital experience for its customers across various touchpoints, including browsing, booking, and check-in processes. With a vast network spanning 100 cities across the world, maintaining consistency and efficiency in digital operations posed a significant challenge.


JetBlue implemented Fullstory's behavioral data platform to optimize its digital experience. By closely monitoring revenue-impacting features and enhancing user flows, JetBlue aimed to streamline troubleshooting processes and ensure a seamless browsing, booking, and check-in process for its customers.


"With Fullstory, we can make product decisions faster. If an issue crops up, I can see how big its impact is within two minutes and determine how we should prioritize it. With other tools, there can be a significant lead time between when the data is logged and when it’s indexed and available—it’s been so valuable to have the data at our fingertips immediately. If you really want to build a customer-centric product, you need Fullstory.”

Greg Kaplan, Product Manager, Digital Experience, JetBlue



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20% Reduction in payment errors

7+ Days of engineering time saved to understand a data discrepancy

50% Decrease in time to insight on A/B tests

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