Insightful heatmaps built on powerful data

Everyone from software engineers to brand marketers can decipher user behavior with easy-to-interpret engagement maps.

Heatmaps in the FullStory app

The easiest way to understand user engagement

See what catches users’ eyes

See what catches users’ eyes

Check the pulse of any page on your site or app to see how users are navigating and exploring your content.

Validate design and messaging

Validate design and messaging

Watch where users are responding as expected or clicking astray to identify issues (and wins) with top navigation, page hierarchy, buttons, and more.

Prioritize hypothesis testing

Prioritize hypothesis testing

Examine scrolls and clicks, detect areas ripe for optimization, and collaborate with your team to ideate solutions.

Real users weigh in on FullStory’s heatmaps

G2 Fastest Implementation, Fall 2023

"FullStory offers such a unique way to interpret user engagement and interaction data to understand your end users better."

Validated G2 Reviewer
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When engagement maps are clear, so are your next steps

Dead click maps in the FullStory app

See the “why” behind user behavior patterns

If an element isn’t performing as expected, jump into one of FullStory’s diagnostic features like Session Replay to understand what’s going wrong.

Heatmaps in the FullStory app

Draw insights from data you can trust

Click maps and scroll maps give a crystal-clear picture of user engagement without the confounding factors of screen resolution, dynamic page content, pop-ups, or confusing “splotches.”

Segmenting sessions in the FullStory app

Inspect specific user segments

Answer questions like “What do visitors from my ad campaign click on first?”, "How do returning customers interact with our navigation?", or “Are users clicking on the latest product update?”

Fortive’s 20+ portfolio companies use FullStory to gain detailed user insights worldwide

With FullStory, we can quickly figure out why users are behaving in certain ways and uncover issues and growth opportunities that weren’t even on our radar.”

Michelle Smith headshot
Michelle SmithGlobal Digital Analytics Manager, Fortive

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