Fortive powers evidence-backed
digital testing across 40+ websites

Fortive is a family of over 20 well-known companies that span the industrial technology field from SaaS to transportation. Founded in 2016, Fortive has been named to the Fortune 500 three times and holds a diversified portfolio of essential technology businesses with track records of growth and success. Since introducing Fullstory throughout its global family of brands, Fortive has boosted its own awareness of buyer barriers, and drastically improved efficiency in measuring and tracking revealing user actions.


Fortive, a diverse industrial technology conglomerate, needed to streamline website analytics across its extensive portfolio of over 40 companies while gaining deeper insights into user behavior to drive growth.


By implementing Fullstory across its websites, Fortive automated the tracking of website elements, saving time and reducing errors. Fullstory's granular user insights provided a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, particularly those who didn't convert, allowing Fortive to identify barriers to purchase and optimize the user experience. Additionally, Fortive leveraged Fullstory in its annual Digital Hackathon, fostering a culture of data-driven experimentation and innovation.


"The user frustration metrics in Fullstory help us zoom in on issues that we weren’t even aware of. When you look at a website every day, it’s easy to become desensitized to the barriers that can exist for first-time visitors and potential customers. With Fullstory, we can quickly figure out why users are behaving in certain ways and uncover issues and growth opportunities that weren’t even on our radar.”

Michelle Smith,Global Digital Analytics Manager, Fortive




Company Size

Large Enterprise


40-50 Fortive companies’ websites hosting Fullstory

200+ Digital pros conducting Fullstory tests at the annual Hackathon

20+ Fortive companies using Fullstory
to increase sales

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