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Break down data silos and fuel deeper insights with Data Direct

The Fullstory Team
Posted October 27, 2022
Break down data silos and fuel deeper insights with Data Direct

The data silo dilemma

The amount of valuable information Fullstory captures is second to none, and its use cases range across roles, teams, and industries. The business events you need for product analytics (like visits, signups, conversions), behavioral data to understand experience (like Rage and Dead Clicks), technical details to understand customer friction (such as network request logs), unified analysis across browser, mobile app and server side sources, the original visual content from the page (like screenshots and session replay) to link analytical data back to visual proof—it’s all available in Fullstory.

The only issue? Not every UX, product management, or engineering problem you face on a day-to-day basis uses digital data from Fullstory alone—some require data from multiple sources. You might need to break down silos to go deeper using a BI tool like Looker, or merge a dataset with sensitive production data, something you can only securely accomplish in your data warehouse. 

Sync Fullstory data with your warehouse, fuel stronger insights and customer relationships 

This discontinuity between digital data sources is precisely why we created Data Direct.

With Data Direct, you can take even more advantage of Fullstory’s data capture engine. Fullstory will merge data from multiple devices, clean it, layer on signals to extract complex user interactions, and structure the data so it’s ready for analysis. You no longer need to dedicate costly internal resources to building out analytics ingestion systems, or maintaining ETL pipelines. Fullstory manages all the headaches for you, making sure your data is accurate and ready to query. Here are a few other benefits of Data Direct: 

  • Data ownership:  With Data Direct, Fullstory isn’t just sharing a view of your data that will disappear if your contract ends. Your organization retains the Fullstory data in your destination so you always have the source of truth for your models and analyses.

  • User coalescing: Analyze all users’ experiences across multiple pages, sessions, and devices, all from the same dataset. Roll it up for user modeling or dive deep to understand each customer’s journey.

  • No costly table migrations as your event definitions change: Our future-proof schema means your queries won’t break and your tables will never disappear.

  • Don’t get locked into a single warehouse ecosystem: With Data Direct, Fullstory can sync your data to the data warehouse of your choice—such as Snowflake, BigQuery, both, or any future destinations we release. This ensures data silos are eliminated, not just moved somewhere else.

Unlock a host of opportunities to optimize your business 

You generate the most accurate insights when you have the full picture… and now that picture can be in 8k clarity.  Check out some of the amazing solutions we’ve already seen customers implement using Data Direct:

  • Analyze the data to define segments of users who were impacted by a bug, then push that segment into their in-app messaging platform with a ‘make-good’ offer

  • Discover key steps in a customer’s journey that were not instrumented for long term analytics then add the new events to their tracking plan

  • Correlate experience data with instrumented events to uncover a bug in their instrumentation when their latest release was deployed

  • Merge Fullstory and CRM data to build a customer churn prediction model for their B2B SaaS business

  • Uncover the full marketing path to conversion by combining marketing touchpoints with customer experience data and then refining a multi-touch attribution model

  • Train a fraud detection model with digital experience data to be able to predict contain, and block nefarious actors

By unifying your data sources through Fullstory Data Direct, like the examples above, you can trust that your business intel is reliable, secure, and action-oriented. 

What’s next:

While we’re excited about Data Direct and the capabilities it opens for teams like yours, we’re not resting on our laurels.

  • More destinations: We’re starting Data Direct with Snowflake and BigQuery because they provide a great foundation for data centralization and analytics. Next, we will look to add more destinations including additional cloud data warehouses and other modern storage services.

  • Governance: More business context will be incorporated into the data, augmenting the captured data with the business metrics you define.

  • Session Replay: It wouldn’t be Fullstory if we didn’t tie every piece of data back to a corresponding session replay. Expect to see more bionic ways to link your analysis back to session replays.

If you want to learn more, or if we didn’t mention something you would like us to support, please reach out!

Ready to further customize your Fullstory experience? Let's chat.

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