Chipotle chips away at digital experience issues to improve customer satisfaction

As a global brand synonymous with mouthwatering Mexican food, Chipotle is a powerhouse in the fast casual food industry. Chipotle’s commitment to providing delicious experiences extends beyond their iconic burritos and bowls—they’re on a mission to make their digital ordering experience just as addictive as their queso. With Fullstory, Chipotle is finding and fixing friction in the online ordering process in record time while improving their inventory processes, both bettering the customer experience and saving millions of dollars each year.

Remove friction in the ordering process to reclaim revenue

Chipotle’s analytics team used Session Replay to uncover a service error that appeared when a small group of customers attempted to complete an order. Prompted by these customer sessions, the team began investigating, first by replicating the issue and then by using Fullstory to determine how often the error occurred. And while the occurrence was infrequent, when compared to Chipotle’s entire customer base, it still added up to a substantial sum of lost revenue. With the financial impact of the error thoroughly documented, the team shared their findings with the product team to prioritize a fix and was able to reclaim over 70% of impacted revenue.

Track and address gaps in individual store inventories  

With 3,500+ locations worldwide, Chipotle’s leadership team needs to ensure customers have a positive experience, no matter which store they order from. One way of doing this is making sure items are available and accurately reflected for customers. Using Fullstory, the Chipotle analytics team looked into how often the unavailable menu item message appeared in the ordering process, the difference in conversion rates between customers who saw that message and those who didn’t, and the associated estimated revenue loss. As a result, the team was able to stress the importance of item availability to their locations and saw an immediate decrease in unavailable items.


"Fullstory really helps us fully understand frictional points in our processes. With just web analytics, you don't get that. You can see where people are falling out, but not why.”

Jeff Wright, Manager, Digital Commerce Analytics and Optimization, Chipotle



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Large Enterprise


71.5% Lost revenue reclaimed attributed to a single error

3,500+ Increase in mobile customer conversions