CINC increases conversions and reduces churn in mobile app experiences

CINC is a leading all-in-one platform that helps real estate agents and teams generate, nurture, and close leads faster. With multiple SaaS and mobile products, CINC enables real estate professionals to stay seamlessly connected with clients throughout their journey — from online lead generation services to full-suite.


CINC, a leading real estate platform, aimed to optimize mobile app performance and enhance customer support efficiency to increase conversions and reduce churn.


Implementing Fullstory, CINC gained comprehensive insights into mobile app interactions, enabling quick identification and resolution of friction points. Leveraging Funnels, they addressed user experience issues, resulting in significant conversion rate improvements. Fullstory's Custom Events provided vital iOS metrics for new app features, facilitating better decision-making. Additionally, Fullstory's Session Replay streamlined customer support, enabling quicker issue resolution and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


“Solving mobile issues can be extremely difficult. With other analytics platforms, we could only get a fraction of the story—but Fullstory makes decision-making easier by grouping all of our mobile data together in one place. Since implementing Fullstory on our native mobile apps, we’ve been able to resolve significant mobile issues in days rather than months, and decrease churn associated with frustrating mobile experiences.”

Joshua Lowe, Product Manager, CINC




Company Size

Mid-size Enterprise


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25% Reduction in time to resolution for mobile issues

20% Overall increase in customer satisfaction

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