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Introducing Data Direct: Unleash the full potential of behavioral insights

Posted April 22, 2024
Introducing Data Direct: Unleash the full potential of behavioral insights

What is Data Direct?

Data Direct simplifies the integration of web and mobile behavioral data into your systems via warehouse integrations, APIs, or webhooks. This allows your team to leverage advanced behavioral data in your existing tech stack without needing the full Fullstory platform. Pair Data Direct with an Enterprise plan to get our complete suite of behavioral data offerings—from collection and analysis to fueling what comes next with expert insights. 

In today's fast-paced, data-rich market, effectively using the vast amount of customer data businesses collect is an all-too-common challenge. Data teams of all sizes have access to an overwhelming number of data streams—from CDPs to CRMs and everything in between.

Despite the enormous amount of data generated daily, many companies miss opportunities to transform that into actionable insights that drive genuine customer engagement and growth.


To effectively bridge the gap between data collection and total customer understanding, behavioral data needs to integrate into existing streams to provide complete context around digital user sentiment in an accurate, efficient way—and no one understands that better than Fullstory. Our mission is to make sure you have that context so every digital interaction ultimately enhances your customer experience. That starts with empowering teams with better data to fully understand the user sentiment behind every click, tap, and scroll. And then enabling those teams to integrate that data with other systems and tools in their tech stack so they can act on insights to make the best decisions for their customers and business—all at scale.   

To ensure data teams can craft truly great experiences, sites, and applications, we built Data Direct: a seamless flow of high-quality, structured behavioral data that can be delivered and integrated directly into where it is needed most—from data warehouses to APIs to webhooks. 

Refining behavioral data for real-time insights 

Data Direct provides a comprehensive view of your behavioral data—pairing on-screen actions with human sentiment and structuring that data for extensibility to make it possible to combine sources and systems that take advantage of user behaviors in real time.

The process begins with AI capturing a wide range of user sentiment indicators, from mouse clicks and screen taps to page scrolls and refreshes. Every user action (and even lack of interaction, like inactive time on a page) is collected. Alone, that information is an overwhelming mass of keystrokes and operational data. 

From there, Fullstory takes these raw ingredients of user behavior and puts it through what we call a “cook”, which is an opinionated encoding of more structured events and properties. For example, instead of a firehose of input events, we’ll provide you with a packaged event: that a user entered text into a specific element on a page.


Next, we normalize and categorize the “cooked” data to create a usable data catalog that can be plugged into your existing ecosystem via a warehouse—like Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift—or activated via webhooks.  

Instead of creating another tool for your tech stack that’s designed just to collect data, we’re focused on ways to transform behavioral data into a strategic asset that drives customer satisfaction and business success.

Turning insight into action

As the volume of data generated by businesses continues to skyrocket, data teams are increasingly turning to AI to manage and make sense of this vast pool of information. And while AI tools and technologies are becoming more accessible, allowing companies of all sizes to experiment with and implement sophisticated algorithms, the fact remains that the effectiveness of these AI models hinges critically on the quality and completeness of the data they’re fed. 


High-quality, comprehensive, and accurate datasets are essential to ensuring that AI systems can generate accurate and actionable insights—and most customer data streams still lack a complete view of user behavior. 

Data Direct opens a path to clean, indexed, and structured behavioral data that can fuel your predictive models, feed your LLM with essential context, and help drive your GenAI initiatives.  

Make personalized experiences possible 

The Individual Visit API that’s included with Data Direct provides all of a user’s session data and can be used to train a data team’s predictive models. As a result, creating advanced personalized experiences in near real time becomes possible, like surfacing different products on the page a user is viewing based on insights from a mix of their most recent behavioral data, current customer attributes, and historical trends unique to your business. 

Capitalize on expansion opportunities

Revenue teams can also harness the power of behavioral insights to grow revenue by pairing Data Direct sentiment signals with KPIs around ARR, LTV, and SKU-specific metrics to find correlations between in-product behaviors and overall value to the business. 

If there’s a specific pattern of behavior that indicates an interest in expanding an account or spend, Data Direct’s Streaming Webhooks can fire alerts to account managers to capitalize on a valuable moment in time to engage with the customer. 

Up-level your fraud detection

And across industries, stopping bad actors is complex and costly. Armed with more robust fraud signals like OS changes, screen resolution shifts, and a spectrum of user actions you can categorize as “suspicious”, fraud detection teams can expand triggers in their early warning systems and improve cost-saving time-to-resolution.

Fullstory's VP of Product Marketing breaks down how you can leverage Data Direct for fraud detection. →

With the breadth of AI-ready behavioral data made available to your organization, Data Direct provides a gateway to unlocking new experiences that exceed your customer expectations, create proactive methods to grow revenue, and more.

Interested in tapping into the behavioral data pipeline for your company? Request a demo today.

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