Fullstory introduces new features that connect digital experience data across the organisation to unlock key insights faster and accelerate revenue

Spark, LONDON – 14th Sept, 2023 –  Fullstory, the leading digital experience (DX) and data platform, today unveiled a suite of product enhancements at its Spark London conference. Powered by Fullstory’s patented privacy-first Data Engine, the new capabilities proactively guide and align individuals and teams around the actionable insights needed to make vital business decisions with complete confidence.

Today’s product enhancements harness Fullstory’s foundational DX data to guide teams to a shared understanding of the customer experience, while protecting the privacy and security of customer data. New workflows and capabilities include:

  • Template Gallery helps users build reports from templates and get instant insights. Users will see a list of recommended templates for key challenges like top user journeys, issue monitoring and frustration points. Templates foster data democracy across the organisation, address common questions or needs, and can be easily customised by adjusting segments, time ranges, events, and more.  

  • Spaces provide a one-stop shop for functional teams to find the reports most valuable to their group. Spaces allow users to organise approachable, curated workspaces connecting teams to top KPIs, dashboards, and insights they can rely on, without the hassle of searching through dashboards built by other teams. 

  • Metric Alerts automatically notify Fullstory users when key metrics hit pre-set thresholds or experience abnormal shifts. Users can easily set alerts for specific metrics and segments and choose when to trigger the alert based on a value, a relative change, or an absolute change. These alerts can also be seamlessly delivered in Slack and Microsoft Teams. With metric alerts, teams can now respond swiftly to emerging problems and opportunities. 

  • Expanded Mobile Support now includes any app built with Jetpack Compose, Apache Cordova, Capacitor, or Ionic mobile app development frameworks. With Fullstory for Mobile Apps, customers using these technologies can create exceptional app experiences – without sacrificing privacy or performance.

“Today’s product enhancements ensure our customers can outperform competitors by maximising the value of their DX data,” said Agata Bugaj, SVP of Product for Fullstory. "Fullstory gathers the most complete, trustworthy, and usable source of digital experience data, and lets customers access it in the way that delivers the most impact for their business. Now teams across the enterprise can access digital data and insights that are connected, continuous, and contextual."

Fullstory provides companies with a complete, retroactive, and semantically structured record of every customer interaction and experience across web and mobile apps – without requiring instrumentation and manual tagging. More than a dozen pre-built workflows, including Session Replay, Funnels & Conversions, Journey Mapping, and Tabbed Browsing, empower brands to transform DX data into action, and action into value.

“With Fullstory, our conversion team at Everypaw has done a lot of optimisation of our customer journey,” said Dr. Diane Leung, Senior Product Manager, Pinnacle Pet Group. “In the past three years, we’ve achieved a 200% uplift in conversions and a 310% uplift in sales.” 

About Fullstory

Fullstory's digital experience intelligence (DXI) and data platform empowers businesses to deliver the best digital experiences across their websites and apps. Teams from product and engineering to marketing and customer support use Fullstory to save time and money, innovate confidently, and ultimately grow revenue. Built on a patented DX Data Engine, Fullstory transforms previously unnoticed, unstructured, and unindexed information into actionable DXI. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, with regional teams in London, Hamburg, Sydney, and Singapore.