Behavioral Insights 24: The Behavioral Data Index

Navigate the future of digital strategy with the Behavioral Data Index

Explore the pivotal role of user sentiment analysis in driving enterprise growth with Fullstory's Behavioral Data Index, a comprehensive analysis of over 2700 organizations and 11.2 billion web sessions worldwide. Go beyond data and stats with actionable insights to transform your customer experience and solidify your market position.

With this report, you’ll gain a benchmark to compare your digital performance against industry standards, providing a clear snapshot of where you stand and where you can improve. 

Download the report now and take a powerful step toward unlocking innovation, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering significant growth for your business. 

What you'll learn from the report:

  • The truth about engagement: Discover why the average 'active' time on a page is critical and how it differs from the total time spent, revealing opportunities to captivate and retain your audience.

  • First impressions count: Learn about the 'bounce rate' phenomenon and how you can drastically reduce customer drop-off rates.

  • The cost of errors: Uncover the percentage of website visits that include a critical error and how these mistakes can directly affect your bottom line.

  • Industry-specific behaviors: Gain insights into how consumer behaviors vary across sectors, offering tailored strategies for improving user experience and satisfaction.

  • The misunderstood customer journey: Find out why 44% of visits involve a 'dead click' and how understanding your users' journey can enhance the overall customer experience.