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How to harness the power of product analytics

How to harness the power of product analytics

So you want to use product analytics to improve your digital experience. All you’ve got to do is kick off an RFP and select the best tool–right?

The truth is: While it’s important to choose an effective tool, in order to leverage the full power of product analytics, you have to empower your people to integrate data insights into their everyday work. 

Join us for this free virtual event on June 23 at 11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. ET to explore how team leaders can build a culture driven by data.

Hear from 2 experts who’ve done just that:

  • Lars Wiedenhoefer, Observability & Engineering Lead at DailyPay

  • Sudy Majd, UX Research Manager at Squarespace

Moderated by FullStory’s Head of Customer Engagement, Elizabeth Simmer.

Webinar Speakers

Elizabeth SimmerHead of Customer Engagement at FullStory
Sudy MajdUX Research Manager at Squarespace
Lars WiedenhoeferObservability & Engineering Lead at DailyPay