On-Demand Webinar

Women in Product NL: Fullstory presents digital experience trends 2023

Fullstory’s most recent global survey of 7,000 consumers revealed that 56% of Dutch consumers are unlikely to return to a business that provided a poor digital experience.

So how can product managers and the digital teams they collaborate with anticipate customer needs? Where can they find the intelligence they need to build experiences that customers will love–and return to—again and again?

In this webinar held in partnership with Women in Product NL, Gresa Rexhepi will discuss the importance of Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) and how you can use DXI tools to help you win repeat consumers and grow your business.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How consumer priorities and expectations are shifting

  • What issues most frustrate customers

  • Which industries are building superior digital experiences (and which aren’t)

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